Monday, 24 December 2012

Elf Goodbye.

As promised Elf came back from the North pole with a prize for their lovely colouring. He knows how much they love playing with their Happyland toys so bought them a little set of the Queen.
They really enjoyed their new toy and they immediately added it to their collection.

Santa as left another note for Abigail and Lucy complimenting them on their good behaviour since his last note and returning Abigail's stocking. 
Abigail was very pleased with its return and was very excited about Santa filling it with presents.

Santa's arrival was also met with a tinge of sadness that our friend Elf had to go back to the North pole.

As Elf didn't need his magic tonight the girls were able to give him a big hug goodnight and a kiss goodbye.

Until next year our little Elf!  We will miss you x

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Colouring challenge

Last night Elf bought the girls a colouring challenge. They were very excited and set to work straight away. He left them a little note saying 
Colour my clothes,
Colour my face, 
Then leave your page on the fireplace.

Colour my hat,
Colour my eyes,
Do a good job and i'll leave a surprise!


Santa also delivered a note last night. He wrote to Abigail as he was very upset with her bad behaviour and had taken her stocking away meaning he wouldn't be able to deliver any presents to her. He told her that if her behaviour improved then he would be able to return her stocking and that Elf would be keeping a closer eye on her.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Gingerbread house

The girls were very excited at finding Elf this morning as he had bought us a gift. The girls were alittle unsure as to what it was at first but upon opening the box they discovered it was something to do with cooking! Once I had explained it to them they were very excited to make their gingerbread house.
Abigail did pick up that Elf had been to Sainsbury's during the night too! 

Update- Lucy's patience didn't quite stretch pass mixing the dough but it turned into a lovely one on one time with Abigail. She really enjoyed making her house and is very proud with the final result.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Shining star

Last night Elf decided to get a good view of the girls so climbed up onto the hanging star decoration.
He did get a good view and stayed there all day watching the girls and making sure they ate their dinners well.
It actually took the girls a bit longer to find him this morning.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Special delivery

This morning Elf was discovered hanging upside down from the letterbox!
We are not quite sure if he was coming back in through the letterbox or was pretending to be a posted Christmas card. The girls enjoyed it either way :)


The post could also be read as the night that I had a night out with a few wines and forgot to move him!Daddy saved the day before leaving for work! :O

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Poorly Elf

This morning the girls found a poorly Elf. He was wearing a dressing gown and tucked up with a blanket to keep him warm.
He had some medicine, tissues and the thermometer. Poor Elf!  I wonder if Elf flu is as bad as Man flu!?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas packed Lunch

Well Elf had been very busy last night. He had made Abigail packed lunch for her ready for school this morning.
He had given her lots of christmas treats as it was her school christmas lunch today too. He had cut her Sandwiches into star shapes, given her Snowman shaped marshmallows and cute little christmas shaped shortbread biscuits. Abigail was very excited and couldn't wait to eat them!
He had also decorated her lunchbox too!  He had covered it in red foil bows and added bows to all the food pots and her drink bottle. If that wasn't enough he also added a few jingly bells that he must have brought back from the North Pole!
Abigail couldn't wait to show all her school friends her special lunch!